Sparkling Jessica

Why are we raised to think that life goes downhill when you turn 30? Why are we told to think that once you have kids you are no longer sexy? Thankfully there are some of us that believe life has just begun when you turn 30. A woman over 30 has beauty that no one in their 20’s can even compare to. This is the same for a woman in her 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. Don’t let someone else’s view of age and children tarnish the sexy minx you are. Hold that chin high and love who you are becoming!

Sparkling Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn wanted to book a session for a perfect Christmas present. Her boyfriend had been going through some medical issues. Kaitlyn thought this would be the perfect way to cheer him up.

All of the outfits were brought in by Kaitlyn. Most of the outfits and shoes were purchased on Amazon! My favorite outfit by far is her boyfriend’s work shirt. During the shoot I said we need some tools to add to this. Surprise, our hair stylist had a bunch of her husband’s tools in her car. Let’s just say size matters and she had a huge wrench in her car!

Sparkling Jo Jo

We love to lift up the women around us. Especially those who have gone through a battle with cancer. My dear friend from high school just recently went through thyroid cancer. I reached out to her to ask if she would like a session on us! The first time I asked she wasn’t sure. A few months later she asked about pricing. I reminded her that I wanted to do this for free. She finally accepted.

Cancer took the wind out of this woman’s sails. Jo Jo loved going to the gym and working on her strength. She also loved her long hair. Through all of this she has lost her hair and gained a few pounds. Regardless of those changes we wanted to show her how dam sexy she is right now.

Thank you Jo Jo for giving us the opportunity to make you glow!

Sparkling Beca

We all have so many struggles that life puts us through. Beca had recently gone through so many. With the support of her husband she decided now is the time to book a boudoir session!

For so many of our clients boudoir sounds so exciting yet so scary. Putting yourself in front of another human exposing your scars and skin. Worrying about the judgement that person may have for your stretch marks, scars or cellulite.

Here is the good news! We see what your potential is not what you consider to be flaws! We do not judge our clients. Instead we lift them up! Each and every woman has something special to bring to their session. We want you to fall in love with who you are right in this very moment!

Thank you Beca for trusting us to show you how stunning you are!

Sparkling Terri

We love to celebrate the women who come through our doors. Terri is a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves her family with everything she has. We are so glad she gave us the opportunity to show her how sexy she is!

Terri brought all of her own outfits except for the sexy gold sequin dress. This dress is in our Sparkle Wardrobe. I absolutely loved her in this dress with the gorgeous back lighting. She looked absolutely stunning!

Sparkling Sarah

Sarah came to us after some encouragement from 3 of our previous clients. Referrals are what we live for! There is nothing better than a client telling others how much fun they had and that you should do it too!

The first thing you notice is Sarah’s gorgeous purple locks. Normally kept high in a pony or bun it rarely is down. When Sarah arrived she showed us the amazing items she brought! There was a perfect leopard pencil skirt, a beautiful bodysuit, a purple scarf and a matching bra and panty set in the most gorgeous floral.

When it comes to confidence and attitude this woman has it all! Her images are still some of my favorites.

Sparkling Peyton

Peyton works a factory job for her 9-5. Although her job may not be glamorous she sure loves to be glam. I loved that she wanted to incorporate her wedding dress into her session. She also had this amazing headpiece of colorful feathers that she wore for her wedding. The resulting images were sexy and dreamy. For lingerie Peyton had originally brought teddies for me to see at her consultation. This woman has a body and teddies just don’t cut it for me. Lucky for me she had some amazing pieces hiding at home that were just begging to be photographed.