Sparkling Ryley

Ryley is the other half of the friend duo from Ashley’s session. Ryley has some of the most gorgeous and well placed sexy tattoos I have photographed. My favorites are the ones on her thighs.

Ryley’s first outfit was the sexy emerald mermaid dress from our Sparkle Wardrobe. Her dark hair and this dress were a gorgeous combination. Her eyes were absolute magic in these images. The second outfit is one from Shein. This is also in our Sparkle Wardrobe. Ryley had seen this on our group page and had to have it. The final outfit is my absolute favorite. Nothing but a white sheet.

If you are interested in a boudoir shoot but you are nervous I suggest booking with a friend. Friends are the best support. They are also your biggest cheerleaders!

I recommend for this shoot a 9 Up Frame. Added to any package it is an additional $377 and you get all the matching digital files. Love how this one turned out. It’s all about the gorgeous details.

Sparkling Ashley

We had so much fun working with Ashley on her boudoir shoot! Ashley did a friends shoot with her friend Ryley. I cannot recommend a friends shoot enough. The love and support friends show each other is just an empowering as the shoot itself.

Ashley’s first outfit is one from our Sparkle Wardrobe. This beauty has a sheer skirt for added drama. The navy bodysuit she brought herself. The final outfit is one of my favorites from this. Nothing but a white sheet draped in all the right places. Her gorgeous back exposed is everything!

Mrs Fields

_MG_0611BW copy

Andrea told me during her consultation she wanted to look bad ass.  She had no concerns about stretch marks from having 4 boys. (I know it is hard to believe this hot body had 4 boys!)  Andrea wanted to look hot and bad ass.

Andrea is such a great mix of sass, spunk and confidence.  With just a little direction Andrea moved effortlessly from one pose to another.  She even threw a few ideas my way that made for the most amazing images.  Her images are strong and sexy just like her.  There are just a few images that show her softer side.  I have to admit they are some of my favorites.

Andrea booked her session with her best friend Rachel.  Those two had so much fun experiencing this together.  That evening they met up with their husbands looking and feeling spicy!  I love both of these girls so much.  They are such strong supporters of what Love Your Sparkle is about.

Now here is the best part of the story.  Andrea’s husband reached out to me this weekend.  He knew that Andrea was making payments on her print order.  He wanted to surprise her for Mothers Day and pay off the balance.  I got a little teary eyed because I knew how much this would mean to her.  You have a good man Andrea! I hope this is an awesome Mother’s Day! xoxo


I’m always excited when our client walks through the door.  They are normally a little nervous.  Maybe even a little shy.  I know that the final outcome is going to blow her away.  I am not worried.  I’m not shy.  I will be there to guide you through this awesome process.

This session is a good examples of items available in the Sparkle Wardrobe.  Items shown, blue dress, nude shoes, rhinestone choker, gold sequin tank, pearls, pearl earrings and black and gold heels.

Her Journey

The Sparkle Squad is so lucky to have Angela in our chair and in front of the camera!  She has an amazing sparkle.  Here is her take on her experience.

_MG_8460 Angela

“I have been a sparkler for a while, but have always been nervous about being in front of the camera. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in January, Christine’s sister, and my friend, encouraged me to book a session and embrace where I was in that moment before my life would change.”

“When i arrived on location that day I was still very nervous, but as soon as I walked in the door I was treated like an old friend! Christine, and team, made me feel so beautiful and comfortable! I totally owned it and had a blast! My first outfit was a velvet blue dress that Christine had, I would never have picked out for myself. I felt so sexy!”

“This is an amazing team of uplifting strong women. I am forever grateful for these memories and experience. I think it’s so important for women to feel beautiful in the skin they are in. We will always have things we don’t love about our bodies. Christine listened to my insecure nervous babble about my body, but after she started shooting I completely forgot about all of that! I can’t wait to do it again!!!”

Outfit One: The blue velvet dress.  Dress, shoes and necklace are available in the Sparkler Wardrobe

Outfit two: Sexy sheer robe and black bra.  Client’s wardrobe.  Necklace from the Sparkler Wardrobe.

Outfit Three: Off the shoulder sweatshirt, halter lace bra and sexy thong panties.  Sweatshirt and bra are a part of the Sparkler Wardrobe.

Brittany’s Sparkle Session

_MG_7932 Brittany

Shopping is not one of my favorite things to normally do.  Shopping for Love Your Sparkle I could do for hours!!!!  This gorgeous dress has been waiting a very long time for the perfect match.  I bought this beauty for a song from one of my favorite resources  Covered in multi-colored sequins with a plunging neckline.  The beauty is available in a size Large. (fits a bit on the smaller side)

Now let’s talk about Brittany.  This girl has a crazy fun personality!  It is big and it is bold.  Brittany is down to snuggle with her puppy on the couch or light up the night with her girls!  Her foxy eyes love the camera.

With a quick outfit and lip color change Brittany looks as though she belongs in another time.  This green satin mermaid dress is to die for.  The dress is also a part of the sparkle wardrobe in a size medium.

Window Light


Almost any photographer will tell you their preferred light source is natural light.  Posing their subject next to beautiful diffused light makes for gorgeous images.  Part of this session is the lovely Miss Danielle sitting directly in the window.  The rest of the images are here posed on the bed.  A second light was needed for the bed as the natural light wasn’t enough to light it perfectly.

The window images show a vulnerability and are more intimate where she is seated in the corner of the window.  The images where Danielle is laying in the center of the window her entire body shown are the most powerful.  She owns that window and her body. Gorgeous.


Mermaid Tales


Miss Danielle showed up for her session with a mermaid out of water theme.  From her mermaid hair, mermaid sequin dress to her hand crafted pearl stacked heels. From the Sparkler wardrobe we topped it off with a few strings of pearls.  This look is just down right magical.

One of my favorite things about this look is when it goes to black and white.  The black and whites are a big contrast to the full color.  The images almost look from another era.  When pearls were worn on the daily.

Nothing but the Sheets

_MG_7675 copy

We all want to feel sexy.  Boudoir photos are a great way to capture you at your sexy best.  Let’s face it getting down to your undies let alone naked in front of a photographer is nerve racking!  To ease your neves I want to share with you the experience my client Jodi had.

The reasons I chose a Boudoir session: As a hairstylist I’m used to making people’s day, “creating miracles” as some would say. Sounds kinda cliche’, I know… Seriously… The feeling of making someone feel confident and sexy is what I live for! And we all love it too!!! I currently do hair for these sessions, so I’ve seen first hand what they do for building your self esteem, adding that confidence boost. After my own sesh… Now… I get it! This is the most exillerating, reassuring thing you can do! Is this outta your “norm”. Absolutely…. But admit it, how often do “us” ladies take time for ourselves.  Also… Christine makes this experience so laid back, relaxing, easy, and FUN!!!  And…the final reason why I chose this and would do it over and over again… Someone else accepts me as I am, loves me exactly as I am. Every flaw, wrinkle, stretch mark, scar… whether I was 10 lbs lighter or not. You are beautiful, You are worth it! If anything…. do this for you!!! You will not be disappointed.