Sparkling Brooke

Recently Brooke shared these amazing words with her favorite photos from the session. With her permission I give you her heartfelt words.

“Real Talk…. Confidence and positive self esteem is something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. Something I’ve managed to just deal with and tolerate all these years. Biggest issue now, I’m raising two amazing daughters who are incredible, and beautiful, and smart, and so much more. However, I can’t help but notice and fear that my poor self esteem and body shaming of myself has or will rub off on them. How can I feed them all these positive amazing words of beauty, when I then look at my own self and struggle to find any positivity or beauty in the mirror.

This post isn’t to look for compliments or any words of positivity. This post is to simply raise awareness on body positivity to all women. All shapes. All sizes. And more importantly, to stop caring and worrying what others see in you, and simply focus on finding and seeing beauty in yourself.

These past 6 months I’ve struggled yet again, with being at my heaviest and unhealthiest, and with finding myself and being okay with the woman I am and the mistakes I’ve made in life. So I changed my mind set and started doing more of what makes me happy, healthy hobbies, and surrounding myself with the right people. At 33, I’m okay with admitting that I’m still growing and still learning.

I’m still working on my positive mindset, in all aspects. But I know I’m not alone.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. Live in the moment. Develop Awareness. Stay connected to yourself. Stop judging yourself and others. Let go of how you think things should be. Prioritize your needs. Embrace the awkwardness. Affirm your value and challenge the negative.”

Sparkling Angela

A perfect session starts with all of your favorite things. For Angela it must include the color purple, roses and tattoos. Your favorite things tell your story. The things that make you feel special, beautiful and sparkle.

Angela is a woman who always puts everyone else first. It was wonderful to see her have time to reflect on how beautiful she is. To remember that she is important too.


_MG_6941BW copy

When photographing women my goal is to make then look strong, sexy and in control.  I want to show women who they really are.  Absolutely gorgeous and confident.  Granted this may not transition into your everyday.  The idea is that when you look at your images you see a strong and sexy version of yourself.  A version to remind you of what you are capable of!

The session always starts with a sexy dress.  Junelle walked out of the dressing area with her head high in this sexy satin number (available in the Sparkle Wardrobe).


Junelle brought this amazing black bodysuit.  She was so excited to show it to me.  Let’s not forget the amazing lace up shoes she brought!

This fuscia comforter is just soooo stunning!  Almost as gorgeous as my client.

This bra and panty set not only matched the lipstick we chose it also compliments her stunning hair color.

The New Studio

January 1st of this year marks the very first day in my new studio.  After years of packing up dresses, shoes and camera gear I decided now was the time.  May was the first time I was able to shoot in my new space.  After months of being shut down I was nervous.  Thankfully my first two shoots were absolutely amazing!  The flexibility I have in the new space is everything I needed.

Let’s start with the before and after.  Kathe is absolutely gorgeous to being with but there is no denying in her after she is a knock out!


Full body shots like this were hard to get in a hotel environment.  My new signature Mud Flap pose is going to be a go to for all my clients!

The new white leather couch is absolute magic.  The dreamy light coming in from the sheers.

Access to all of my pretties is a must.  The studio allows me to house all of the outfits and accessories you see in this shoot!

Mrs Fields

_MG_0611BW copy

Andrea told me during her consultation she wanted to look bad ass.  She had no concerns about stretch marks from having 4 boys. (I know it is hard to believe this hot body had 4 boys!)  Andrea wanted to look hot and bad ass.

Andrea is such a great mix of sass, spunk and confidence.  With just a little direction Andrea moved effortlessly from one pose to another.  She even threw a few ideas my way that made for the most amazing images.  Her images are strong and sexy just like her.  There are just a few images that show her softer side.  I have to admit they are some of my favorites.

Andrea booked her session with her best friend Rachel.  Those two had so much fun experiencing this together.  That evening they met up with their husbands looking and feeling spicy!  I love both of these girls so much.  They are such strong supporters of what Love Your Sparkle is about.

Now here is the best part of the story.  Andrea’s husband reached out to me this weekend.  He knew that Andrea was making payments on her print order.  He wanted to surprise her for Mothers Day and pay off the balance.  I got a little teary eyed because I knew how much this would mean to her.  You have a good man Andrea! I hope this is an awesome Mother’s Day! xoxo


I’m always excited when our client walks through the door.  They are normally a little nervous.  Maybe even a little shy.  I know that the final outcome is going to blow her away.  I am not worried.  I’m not shy.  I will be there to guide you through this awesome process.

This session is a good examples of items available in the Sparkle Wardrobe.  Items shown, blue dress, nude shoes, rhinestone choker, gold sequin tank, pearls, pearl earrings and black and gold heels.

Interview with Allison

_MG_3785BW copy

The sweet, sexy, spicy and wonderful Allison took a few minutes to answer some questions.  We hope this inspires you to book your session!

What inspired you to book your session?

I was inspired to book my own session with Christine because being a plus size woman all my life, I’ve had a bad habit of doubting my own beauty. I felt like I could use a little confidence boost and after seeing Christine’s beautiful work- I decided to book a session of my own!


Did you have any hesitations?

At first the thought of being so vulnerable in front of someone new was nerve wracking- but I knew that this was a way to celebrate and take care of me. From the moment I arrived Christine and her team made me feel very welcome and comfortable! The nerves didn’t stick around long at all!

_MG_3766BW copy

How did you feel during your session?

Amazingly, I felt like a rock star during my session! Christine was always so responsive to my movements and how I followed her instructions to pose- it made me feel like a million bucks! Each pose made me feel powerful and I was so excited to see the end results! It was hard to be patient!


For your session you received professional hair and make up. What did you think of the results?

As if Christine wasn’t amazing enough… I loved the results of my hair and make up! The make up artist listened to my ideas and made sure to help me put my best foot (errr… face) forward (I may have forgotten to tweeze my eyebrows a little- and she helped out!) The hair stylist was fun and knew the perfect way to tease/curl my straight, simple hair. I looked (and felt) like a total bombshell!

_MG_3823BW copy

What advice would you give to those who are looking to book a session?

If anyone else out there is thinking about booking a session I would say… JUST GO FOR IT. Celebrate yourself as you are in this moment- no waiting for x,y, or z. You deserve it today and always. Regardless of your age, size, color, etc. I think its so important for everyone to feel beautiful. Lets be honest, in this world full of magazines and beauty standards- we can sometimes forget how worthy and beautiful we truly are. Christine and her team truly have a knack for making you feel comfortable and stunning. The photos are just a powerful reminder of ones own strength and beauty. I do not regret my session one bit- and I don’t think you will either!

The Vixen with the Leopard Tattoo

Katie brought her A game for her session!  This girl knows how to have fun she booked her session with her bestie.  Sharing shoes is just one the many reasons to bring your best friend.  Those leopard shoes are meooooowwwww.  Note the addition of the vintage clutch.


I will never stop preaching about bodysuits.  They are my favorite piece of sexy lingerie.  This lace number fit Katie like a glove.  You may notice her amazing leopard tattoo in the standing up photo.  That is if you had the chance to take your eyes off of the world’s most amazing booty.

The simplicity of this outfit is amazing!  A super sexy pair of panties, red lips, topless and a white fur.