Jodie Pinup

Pinup season is finally here. The warm weather, sunshine and vintage everything! We are going to check out a session I did a few years ago. This session is inspired by Rosie the Riveter as per the image above.

My favorite thing about this session is there are only 2 outfits. Because of the number of locations and vehicles used you don’t notice there is not an outfit change! The coveralls we have in the studio. The swim suit can be purchased on Amazon!

Thanks to great connections we have access to a number of classic cars. Now if you have your own classic car that is even better! I am dying to use someone’s actual garage where they keep and work on their car. Hint Hint!

Pinup is all about having fun! Big expressions make for the best images and Jodie has it down pat!

Sparkling Danielle

Danielle met us at one of the amazing wine walks in downtown Fond du lac. When she was ready to do a session she messaged me to book her consultation. During her consultation Danielle browsed through our clothing in the Sparkle Wardrobe. She fell in love with our fur coats. The fur made her feel like a rich actress on the 80’s drama Dallas! To go with the fur coat Danielle picked out a strapless red dress. All of the other outfits Danielle brought in.

The fur coat shoot was so empowering. Danielle got into character so quickly! The fur coat gave her Cruella Deville vibes at times.

Now the best part of the shoot. Danielle was in lingerie on the chaise in the Jane of the Jungle set. Jodi was assisting that day and she was like we need fog. I’m not one to turn down a good idea…….. at least that is until the smoke detector went off. Jodi said my face turned white! The smoke detector is hard wired in. Even worse I didn’t have a ladder tall enough to reach it. No matter how much we waved blankets at this dam smoke detector it refused to give up! Thanks to Jodi’s quick thinking she was able to get a friend to stop by and help us. We piled wooden boxes on the chaise for him to stand on. He said I think if I pull this wiring out it will send a signal to the fire department. I yelled “Pull it!!!!” Thankfully the fire department did not show up and Danielle continued with her session!

Moral of the story. Don’t use a fog machine right under your smoke detector!

Sparkling Jessica

This sparkling beauty came to us February of last year! After a few of her close friends came to us she decided to take the plunge! As a mom of two it is not very often that Jessica gets the opportunity to be pampered. Let alone feel sexy.

We started her session with this gorgeous green satin mermaid dress. This dress can be found on Amazon and our Sparkle Wardrobe. Starting with a sexy dress is the best way to ease into your session.

Jessica doesn’t need a lot of bling so a strand of pearls was perfect for her burgundy lace two piece. I kept the background a simple black to help her stand out.

The final outfit is the most gorgeous shade of teal. This worked perfectly with the gorgeous gold satin sheets!

Sparkling Wendy

The Sparkling Wendy came to us last winter. She had seen our work from a friend who has had photos done with us. Once she saw those photos she knew she wanted to at least look into doing a session.

Wendy has all of the same complaints we always hear. Concerned with stretch marks, her age and her tummy. We are so glad she put her trust into us! Wendy is absolutely stunning! We are also thankful that she was very happy with the final results!

Sparkling Kristie

Kristie was looking to combine a Pinup Session with a Boudoir Session. We love opportunities that let us combine these looks all in one shoot!

The pinup hair look that Kristie was looking for made the transition from Pinup to Boudoir an easy step. The outfit she chose I just love because it is easy to achieve. A simply plaid top tied at the waist, jeans and a hair scarf. The chair used in this session I have had for well over 10 years. I love that I have a use for it!

The images on the bed are by far my favorite! This is where Kristie really started to feel comfortable and sexy!

Sparkling Ashley

Ashley came in for a session with a friend who thankfully convinced her to come in. Ashley’s body language was very clear she was not comfortable and nervous to be here. At the end of the consultation I could tell she was a little more at ease.

The day of the shoot the ladies rolled in and I yelled with glee as they walked through the door. I probably said something like. Today is your shoot day! Ashley did absolutely amazing during her shoot.

This session resulted in this gorgeous woman so excited for her photo reveal. Ashley walked in with her head high and a big smile on her face. She was proud of herself and excited to see the results.

Sparkling Lindsy

Say hello to the gorgeous Lindsy. Like most of our clients she walked in the door a tad nervous. Just like with our other clients she walked out with her head high! Thank you so much for choosing us for your boudoir session!

Sparkling Jessica

Why are we raised to think that life goes downhill when you turn 30? Why are we told to think that once you have kids you are no longer sexy? Thankfully there are some of us that believe life has just begun when you turn 30. A woman over 30 has beauty that no one in their 20’s can even compare to. This is the same for a woman in her 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. Don’t let someone else’s view of age and children tarnish the sexy minx you are. Hold that chin high and love who you are becoming!

Sparkling Maria

Thanks to TikTok Maria found us! She came all the way from Chicago just to be transformed by our team.

Maria came prepared with tons of outfits she purchased from Shein. She brought all of her own heels, stockings and jewelry! This is definitely not required but it helps to make sure Maria’s images don’t look like anyone else’s!

Most of our clients definitely need guidance in their poses. Maria on the other hand is a pro with posing. I did guide her in the beginning but always asked her to add her spice to the poses!