Sparkling Nurse Amanda

After almost a year of living through a pandemic it was nice to have the opportunity to pamper one of our frontline workers! Amanda takes a lot of pride in what she has accomplished. We thank her for every patient she helps during these crazy times.

Now let’s talk a little about the session. Little did our team know that we would be photographing someone who should have been famous in the 40’s and 50’s! Amanda has the most gorgeous fair complexion that mixes perfect with Old Hollywood and red lipstick. Tell us which photo from this session was your favorite!

Sparkling Amanda

Amanda booked a session to celebrate her upcoming wedding. This is a great opportunity to remind yourself you are worth it and reward your special someone! When we met for her consultation Amanda wanted to include her veil in the session. Her dress and veil were being stored at her mother’s house. She decided not to try to get it as to make sure it was still a surprise. We wanted to make sure this session was perfect for Amanda. Lucky for us we were able to borrow a veil that was very similar to her’s! Are you getting married soon? Shoot us a message, let’s meet!

Sparkling Tera

Sparklers this is just a general warning. You are going to be seeing a lot of sparkling blue eyes and a smile that makes knees weak. Tera is a mom of two just trying to survive during crazy times. Hair is pulled up and makeup is at a minimum. Except for this day. On this day Tera let her hair down! If there was ever a woman I met that I would like to let my hair down with it is this one! Two shots bartender!

Sparkling Ashley

The biggest key to knowing how excited a client is when they send multiple message prior to their session. Ashley wanted to make dam sure she was prepared even though she was so nervous. Photos of getting hair and nails done, mask acne concerns and outfit ideas. I loved every interaction! We are here for you the whole way!

The day of Ashley’s session we had so much fun. So many stories and laughs. She left feeling just a little more confident that day!

Sparkling Kim

Kim is a wonderful sister-in-law. She is related to the beautiful Nicole previously featured. She got roped into doing a boudoir shoot with Nicole. As naturally gorgeous as Kim is she was nervous about this adventure.

Once Kim changed into her second outfit her personality really started to peek through. Kim has such an amazing smile, beautiful skin and gorgeous tattoos. She said her favorite images are the last set! They are my favorite as well!


Embracing Her Spirit

There are people in your life that impact you in the most beautiful ways.  They love your crazy, feed off of your energy and help you recharge your battery.  This woman is all those things.  I’m lucky to call her my best friend.

On this cold Saturday I used Jo’s house for a boudoir session.  One of my clients wasn’t able to make it.  On my way to Jo’s house I sprung it on her that I would like for her to finally have a boudoir session.  Thankfully she was ready for this adventure.

We dug for at least 20 minutes through the amazing amounts of panties, bras and lace goodies she owns.  Swoon!  The outfits we put together in mere minutes were absolutely magical.  It really brought to light that I need to invest more in my own drawer of pretty things.

This session featured her love for reading (her house has books in every corner) We used her stairs, bed, spare room and couch.  With every click of the shutter she was ready for something new to give me.  Something quirky, silly and sometimes down right sultry.  Jolene showed me how deep her spirit runs.



Old Hollywood

Those close to me know my dying love for anything vintage.  There is something to be said about things from the past.  We often think about certain eras with a bit of shimmer and glam.  This shoot would not have been the same without the vintage pieces we used.



This amazing polka dot dress is over 10 years old.  That counts as vintage right?  The pencil skirt design definitely has a feel from the 50’s.  Note the details to the makeup and hair.  Red lip, winged eyes and those gorgeous smooth curls.



When I originally visioned this shoot this piece was to be black.  Unfortunately when you wait too long black is out of stock!  I’m so glad I went with red!  It looks like she had two different outfits that day.



An Old Hollywood shoot would be nothing without fur.  This entire outfit is a part of the Sparkle Wardrobe.



I’m crazy proud of how amazing this shoot turned out.  Almost as proud as Holly is with all the work she put into squats!  She wanted to show off her shapely behind!


Strength in her Beauty

_MG_8658 Amanda

To describe Amanda in one word one can only use STRONG.   During Amanda’s consultation we talked about why she wanted to be the face of Love Your Sparkle.  Amanda feels strongly that women of all sizes be represented.  Not only represented but also encouraged to book a session.  Amanda is proof that curves are strong and gorgeous!

The first outfit is all about sparkle!  Amanda is petite this dress works great because the length gives her a bit more height.  My favorite part of these images is the Old Hollywood vibe they give.


If you ask me what my favorite piece of lingerie is I will tell you a bodysuit.  Sexy, yet it covers all the right areas.  This piece is also a part of the LYS Wardrobe.


Amanda’s favorite outfit was this burgundy leather jacket.  She went braless and paired it with a pair of lace panties.  This was an outfit she couldn’t wait to see photographed.

This series of photographs also shows how intense Amanda can be and how she also has the most amazing smile.  Let’s get real though.  This girl has lips to die for.


This last set is a mix of photos we did in a chair and on the bed.  We have our wonderful Jodi to thank for the addition of the converse shoes in the bed shoot.  Perfect touch!