Jodie Pinup

Pinup season is finally here. The warm weather, sunshine and vintage everything! We are going to check out a session I did a few years ago. This session is inspired by Rosie the Riveter as per the image above.

My favorite thing about this session is there are only 2 outfits. Because of the number of locations and vehicles used you don’t notice there is not an outfit change! The coveralls we have in the studio. The swim suit can be purchased on Amazon!

Thanks to great connections we have access to a number of classic cars. Now if you have your own classic car that is even better! I am dying to use someone’s actual garage where they keep and work on their car. Hint Hint!

Pinup is all about having fun! Big expressions make for the best images and Jodie has it down pat!

Sparkling Jessica

This sparkling beauty came to us February of last year! After a few of her close friends came to us she decided to take the plunge! As a mom of two it is not very often that Jessica gets the opportunity to be pampered. Let alone feel sexy.

We started her session with this gorgeous green satin mermaid dress. This dress can be found on Amazon and our Sparkle Wardrobe. Starting with a sexy dress is the best way to ease into your session.

Jessica doesn’t need a lot of bling so a strand of pearls was perfect for her burgundy lace two piece. I kept the background a simple black to help her stand out.

The final outfit is the most gorgeous shade of teal. This worked perfectly with the gorgeous gold satin sheets!

Sparkling Rebecca

This is the Sparkling Rebecca! My favorite part about this session was Rebecca wanted to do this shoot just for herself! She wanted to capture how beautiful she is right now!

My second favorite part is her 3rd outfit. She is not much for glitz and glamour but an over the top necklace had her mesmerized. During her consultation I told her we could use it and nothing else on top. She loved this idea.

Now Rebecca’s favorite outfit was the red bodysuit and her cowboy boots! She stunned in that outfit!


Making each shoot unique to the client is what helps to set us apart. We love shooting glamour and classic boudoir shoots. At the same time we want to stand out from other photographers. New projects usually mean more of an investment. Investment in backdrops, props, furniture, clothing and accessories.

For over two years I have been holding on to these colorful velcro rollers. I have even taken them to shoots back when we shot in hotel rooms. Just in case I could use them. I am not one to hold onto things that are not useful for too long but something told me they needed to stay.

Our client Kathe did not know I had this surprise in store for her. I just new this would be a perfect fit. So the day of her shoot we told her what we had in store. She was so excited. The best part is her mom yelled from the makeup chair…. grab her cigarettes! She needs to have a smoke. Fan of smoking or not those are some of my favorite images.

The set was made up of a leftover piece of pink seamless paper for the backdrop, a plant from one of our sets, velvet chair from the studio and a hairdryer supplied by our stylist Jodi. Jodi found this beauty on the side of the road many moons ago.

To save time we only rolled the front of her hair in rollers. The bodysuit was in our Sparkle Wardrobe and the heels were a part of Kathe’s wardrobe. They were literally the icing on the cake.

If this set has you inspired message us so we can create a perfect pinup look for you!

These are the kind of images that need to be out on display! This is the perfect example of a time I would recommend adding a 9 UP framed print to your package!

Sparkling Rachel

Rachel is a previous client of ours. Her sparkling eyes and gorgeous smile were perfect for this project. I reached out to Rachel to see if she would be interested in modeling for our newest behind the scenes video. She was quick to accept the offer! Most of this session I had styled but encouraged Rachel to bring anything she wanted. In the end her leopard bodysuit was by far my favorite outfit from this session!

Sparkling Nurse Amanda

After almost a year of living through a pandemic it was nice to have the opportunity to pamper one of our frontline workers! Amanda takes a lot of pride in what she has accomplished. We thank her for every patient she helps during these crazy times.

Now let’s talk a little about the session. Little did our team know that we would be photographing someone who should have been famous in the 40’s and 50’s! Amanda has the most gorgeous fair complexion that mixes perfect with Old Hollywood and red lipstick. Tell us which photo from this session was your favorite!

Sparkling Amanda

Amanda booked a session to celebrate her upcoming wedding. This is a great opportunity to remind yourself you are worth it and reward your special someone! When we met for her consultation Amanda wanted to include her veil in the session. Her dress and veil were being stored at her mother’s house. She decided not to try to get it as to make sure it was still a surprise. We wanted to make sure this session was perfect for Amanda. Lucky for us we were able to borrow a veil that was very similar to her’s! Are you getting married soon? Shoot us a message, let’s meet!

Sparkling Tera

Sparklers this is just a general warning. You are going to be seeing a lot of sparkling blue eyes and a smile that makes knees weak. Tera is a mom of two just trying to survive during crazy times. Hair is pulled up and makeup is at a minimum. Except for this day. On this day Tera let her hair down! If there was ever a woman I met that I would like to let my hair down with it is this one! Two shots bartender!

Sparkling Ashley

The biggest key to knowing how excited a client is when they send multiple message prior to their session. Ashley wanted to make dam sure she was prepared even though she was so nervous. Photos of getting hair and nails done, mask acne concerns and outfit ideas. I loved every interaction! We are here for you the whole way!

The day of Ashley’s session we had so much fun. So many stories and laughs. She left feeling just a little more confident that day!