Sparkling Danielle

Danielle met us at one of the amazing wine walks in downtown Fond du lac. When she was ready to do a session she messaged me to book her consultation. During her consultation Danielle browsed through our clothing in the Sparkle Wardrobe. She fell in love with our fur coats. The fur made her feel like a rich actress on the 80’s drama Dallas! To go with the fur coat Danielle picked out a strapless red dress. All of the other outfits Danielle brought in.

The fur coat shoot was so empowering. Danielle got into character so quickly! The fur coat gave her Cruella Deville vibes at times.

Now the best part of the shoot. Danielle was in lingerie on the chaise in the Jane of the Jungle set. Jodi was assisting that day and she was like we need fog. I’m not one to turn down a good idea…….. at least that is until the smoke detector went off. Jodi said my face turned white! The smoke detector is hard wired in. Even worse I didn’t have a ladder tall enough to reach it. No matter how much we waved blankets at this dam smoke detector it refused to give up! Thanks to Jodi’s quick thinking she was able to get a friend to stop by and help us. We piled wooden boxes on the chaise for him to stand on. He said I think if I pull this wiring out it will send a signal to the fire department. I yelled “Pull it!!!!” Thankfully the fire department did not show up and Danielle continued with her session!

Moral of the story. Don’t use a fog machine right under your smoke detector!