Sparkling Heather

It all started with a phone call late one night. I was at my best friend’s house when Heather called. She was hoping no one would answer so she could leave a message. Heather was so nervous but I assured her she made the right call. That night we booked her consultation.

Heather did not fly solo. She brought her best friend Holly. We have worked with Holly multiple times. She is the main reason Heather was brave enough to call. Holly assured Heather she would be very happy with the results of her boudoir session.

During Heather’s session we had tons of laughs and some happy tears! It is by far one of my favorite sessions where we were able to show our client how stunning she truly is!

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Sparkling Peyton

Peyton works a factory job for her 9-5. Although her job may not be glamorous she sure loves to be glam. I loved that she wanted to incorporate her wedding dress into her session. She also had this amazing headpiece of colorful feathers that she wore for her wedding. The resulting images were sexy and dreamy. For lingerie Peyton had originally brought teddies for me to see at her consultation. This woman has a body and teddies just don’t cut it for me. Lucky for me she had some amazing pieces hiding at home that were just begging to be photographed.

Sparkling Elana

There are some sessions that inspire us. Push us to do new things. This was definitely one of them.

Many of our clients are nervous when they first come in. Elana’s biggest concern was that she didn’t know how to pose herself. I was thankful she let me know this. I assured her that is where my experience comes in. I would be guiding her through each pose.

Elana brought with a gorgeous sequin and chiffon dress. She has yet to be able to wear this dress due to events being canceled. Let’s just say this dress speaks for itself. The added touch of a wine glass was such a gorgeous addition to these images.

Now let’s get to the one that blew my mind! I decided to get wild and use colored gels on my constant lights. I wanted to bring a fresh look I don’t see with other boudoir photographers. We have since used this set up twice. The results are wild and sexy. Let us know your thoughts on this set up.

Huge shout out to Elana for trusting us with her session! xoxo