Sparkling Peyton

Peyton works a factory job for her 9-5. Although her job may not be glamorous she sure loves to be glam. I loved that she wanted to incorporate her wedding dress into her session. She also had this amazing headpiece of colorful feathers that she wore for her wedding. The resulting images were sexy and dreamy. For lingerie Peyton had originally brought teddies for me to see at her consultation. This woman has a body and teddies just don’t cut it for me. Lucky for me she had some amazing pieces hiding at home that were just begging to be photographed.

Sparkling Lisa

This session is a great example of perception. There will be many of you who see the before and after and see this… a young woman, great body, great skin and pretty. Some of you may think of course these images turned out amazing she is young and pretty. Some may think well she has a great body of course this had to be easy for her. Now if these thoughts have crossed your mind it is ok. Society has trained us to think that just because you are any of the above you are automatically living your best life.

What I want you to see is a woman who has gone to hell and back. A woman who has been led by others to feel she has no worth. A woman who has jumped, climbed, crawled and kicked over many hurdles. A woman who just wants to feel appreciated and gorgeous for a day. When we tell you that boudoir is for everyone we mean everyone! We are so grateful Lisa trusted us with her session!

Sparkling Nikki

This Florida beauty stopped by while she was in Wisconsin for work. We had such an amazing time working with her. She absolutely shines in front of the camera. Her smile is contagious. She wanted this to be a gift for her boyfriend as well as herself. So against her better judgement she wore Florida Gator attire just for her man! lol!

Nikki saw this dress in the Sparkle Wardrobe and had to have it for her session!