Sparkling Terri

We love to celebrate the women who come through our doors. Terri is a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves her family with everything she has. We are so glad she gave us the opportunity to show her how sexy she is!

Terri brought all of her own outfits except for the sexy gold sequin dress. This dress is in our Sparkle Wardrobe. I absolutely loved her in this dress with the gorgeous back lighting. She looked absolutely stunning!

Sparkling Ryley

Ryley is the other half of the friend duo from Ashley’s session. Ryley has some of the most gorgeous and well placed sexy tattoos I have photographed. My favorites are the ones on her thighs.

Ryley’s first outfit was the sexy emerald mermaid dress from our Sparkle Wardrobe. Her dark hair and this dress were a gorgeous combination. Her eyes were absolute magic in these images. The second outfit is one from Shein. This is also in our Sparkle Wardrobe. Ryley had seen this on our group page and had to have it. The final outfit is my absolute favorite. Nothing but a white sheet.

If you are interested in a boudoir shoot but you are nervous I suggest booking with a friend. Friends are the best support. They are also your biggest cheerleaders!

I recommend for this shoot a 9 Up Frame. Added to any package it is an additional $377 and you get all the matching digital files. Love how this one turned out. It’s all about the gorgeous details.