Instagram Magic

Have you ever found someone on a social media site who is just inspiring and gorgeous? You look forward to their posts everyday. If they miss a day you think…. hmmm well maybe it was just an off day. But I do sure hope for content tomorrow! Well I have one of those! She goes by the name @modernbombshellxoxo.

January of this year I finally got the nerve to message her on instagram. “Hello Tess!! Just wanted to finally reach out to you. I appreciate your real content. If you are interested in collaborating together on an idea you have hit me up! I recently helped out a friend of mine with her clothing line!” I dropped some photos in below this text. Please note the crazy amount of exclamation points I used. But let’s get real. If you meet me in person that is just my personality. Here is Modernbombshellxoxo‘s response. “Very cool! I’m glad you reached out. I’ll certainly hit you up if/when I come up with a creative project to shoot.” I figured at this point she was just being polite. At least I put myself out there right?

Just shy of a month later I got a response!! Not just any response. Three unique and amazing ideas for a photoshoot! The option I chose to go with was “Before and After Photos.” “The idea would be to set up a shoot without all the bells and whistles (no hair, makeup or great posing). We start with the before photos and then after add in the bells and whistles (hair, makeup, styling, posing) to show that it really takes a team to create a great image. We then post both the before and after photos.”

February we made magic happen. Our entire team was so excited that day. Modernbombshellxoxo was such a pleasure to work with. We had tons of laughs and lots of hugs.

Below are the images from our shoot. We would love your FEEDBACK on this project!

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We would love your FEEDBACK on this project!

Her Journey

At the beginning of 2019 my sister called me.  A friend of her’s had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She wanted to treat her friend to a boudoir session.  Knowing the confidence boosting power of a photo session she wanted Angela to experience this before taking on treatment.

After Angela’s boudoir session I asked her if she wanted to document the next stage of her journey.  As you can see in the boudoir photo Angela had an amazing head of dark long locks.  Knowing she might be nervous I made sure to have Megan ready to do her makeup that day.  I’m so happy that Angela was brave enough to show this stage of her journey. Hair or no hair this girl is a knock out!

If you know a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer have them contact me. Boudoir and Beauty photography is a great tool to help those we love through their journey.  Anyone recently diagnosed with breast cancer qualifies for a free Beauty or Boudoir session with me.  *Each woman will get free hair and makeup by our professional team, access to the Sparkle Wardrobe and a copy of all their digital images.

*Please note this will be on a case by case basis for approval.  Women who have recovered recently from breast cancer can also apply.  Your images will not be published without your approval.


Her Journey

The Sparkle Squad is so lucky to have Angela in our chair and in front of the camera!  She has an amazing sparkle.  Here is her take on her experience.

_MG_8460 Angela

“I have been a sparkler for a while, but have always been nervous about being in front of the camera. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in January, Christine’s sister, and my friend, encouraged me to book a session and embrace where I was in that moment before my life would change.”

“When i arrived on location that day I was still very nervous, but as soon as I walked in the door I was treated like an old friend! Christine, and team, made me feel so beautiful and comfortable! I totally owned it and had a blast! My first outfit was a velvet blue dress that Christine had, I would never have picked out for myself. I felt so sexy!”

“This is an amazing team of uplifting strong women. I am forever grateful for these memories and experience. I think it’s so important for women to feel beautiful in the skin they are in. We will always have things we don’t love about our bodies. Christine listened to my insecure nervous babble about my body, but after she started shooting I completely forgot about all of that! I can’t wait to do it again!!!”

Outfit One: The blue velvet dress.  Dress, shoes and necklace are available in the Sparkler Wardrobe

Outfit two: Sexy sheer robe and black bra.  Client’s wardrobe.  Necklace from the Sparkler Wardrobe.

Outfit Three: Off the shoulder sweatshirt, halter lace bra and sexy thong panties.  Sweatshirt and bra are a part of the Sparkler Wardrobe.

Brittany’s Sparkle Session

_MG_7932 Brittany

Shopping is not one of my favorite things to normally do.  Shopping for Love Your Sparkle I could do for hours!!!!  This gorgeous dress has been waiting a very long time for the perfect match.  I bought this beauty for a song from one of my favorite resources  Covered in multi-colored sequins with a plunging neckline.  The beauty is available in a size Large. (fits a bit on the smaller side)

Now let’s talk about Brittany.  This girl has a crazy fun personality!  It is big and it is bold.  Brittany is down to snuggle with her puppy on the couch or light up the night with her girls!  Her foxy eyes love the camera.

With a quick outfit and lip color change Brittany looks as though she belongs in another time.  This green satin mermaid dress is to die for.  The dress is also a part of the sparkle wardrobe in a size medium.

Beauty Photo Shoot Alicia

This Beauty shoot was completely inspired by this amazing skirt.  Custom made with layers of gorgeous blush tule.  The tule is shorter in some areas of the front to provide interest and dimension.  This skirt is floor length with a slight train.  This skirt is available in the Sparkler Wardrobe to use during your session.  With a zippered back this skirt can fit a size small to an XL.

So many women are nervous at first to book a session.  Just imagine being asked to do a live session!  I must admit I didn’t tell Alicia until the very end of our conversation that this photo shoot would be a in a room full of prospective clients and past clients.  Lucky for me she still agreed to model!

In front of a room full of wild and fun women Alicia did such an amazing job showing off this gorgeous skirt.