Nothing but the Sheets

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We all want to feel sexy.  Boudoir photos are a great way to capture you at your sexy best.  Let’s face it getting down to your undies let alone naked in front of a photographer is nerve racking!  To ease your neves I want to share with you the experience my client Jodi had.

The reasons I chose a Boudoir session: As a hairstylist I’m used to making people’s day, “creating miracles” as some would say. Sounds kinda cliche’, I know… Seriously… The feeling of making someone feel confident and sexy is what I live for! And we all love it too!!! I currently do hair for these sessions, so I’ve seen first hand what they do for building your self esteem, adding that confidence boost. After my own sesh… Now… I get it! This is the most exillerating, reassuring thing you can do! Is this outta your “norm”. Absolutely…. But admit it, how often do “us” ladies take time for ourselves.  Also… Christine makes this experience so laid back, relaxing, easy, and FUN!!!  And…the final reason why I chose this and would do it over and over again… Someone else accepts me as I am, loves me exactly as I am. Every flaw, wrinkle, stretch mark, scar… whether I was 10 lbs lighter or not. You are beautiful, You are worth it! If anything…. do this for you!!! You will not be disappointed.