The New Studio

January 1st of this year marks the very first day in my new studio.  After years of packing up dresses, shoes and camera gear I decided now was the time.  May was the first time I was able to shoot in my new space.  After months of being shut down I was nervous.  Thankfully my first two shoots were absolutely amazing!  The flexibility I have in the new space is everything I needed.

Let’s start with the before and after.  Kathe is absolutely gorgeous to being with but there is no denying in her after she is a knock out!


Full body shots like this were hard to get in a hotel environment.  My new signature Mud Flap pose is going to be a go to for all my clients!

The new white leather couch is absolute magic.  The dreamy light coming in from the sheers.

Access to all of my pretties is a must.  The studio allows me to house all of the outfits and accessories you see in this shoot!