Embracing Her Spirit

There are people in your life that impact you in the most beautiful ways.  They love your crazy, feed off of your energy and help you recharge your battery.  This woman is all those things.  I’m lucky to call her my best friend.

On this cold Saturday I used Jo’s house for a boudoir session.  One of my clients wasn’t able to make it.  On my way to Jo’s house I sprung it on her that I would like for her to finally have a boudoir session.  Thankfully she was ready for this adventure.

We dug for at least 20 minutes through the amazing amounts of panties, bras and lace goodies she owns.  Swoon!  The outfits we put together in mere minutes were absolutely magical.  It really brought to light that I need to invest more in my own drawer of pretty things.

This session featured her love for reading (her house has books in every corner) We used her stairs, bed, spare room and couch.  With every click of the shutter she was ready for something new to give me.  Something quirky, silly and sometimes down right sultry.  Jolene showed me how deep her spirit runs.