Old Hollywood

Those close to me know my dying love for anything vintage.  There is something to be said about things from the past.  We often think about certain eras with a bit of shimmer and glam.  This shoot would not have been the same without the vintage pieces we used.


This amazing polka dot dress is over 10 years old.  That counts as vintage right?  The pencil skirt design definitely has a feel from the 50’s.  Note the details to the makeup and hair.  Red lip, winged eyes and those gorgeous smooth curls.


When I originally visioned this shoot this piece was to be black.  Unfortunately when you wait too long black is out of stock!  I’m so glad I went with red!  It looks like she had two different outfits that day.


An Old Hollywood shoot would be nothing without fur.  This entire outfit is a part of the Sparkle Wardrobe.


I’m crazy proud of how amazing this shoot turned out.  Almost as proud as Holly is with all the work she put into squats!  She wanted to show off her shapely behind!